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I regularly communicate my research to the general public and have extensive experience in working with the media to comment on topics related to coral reefs and climate change. I have given several TV and radio interviews, and my research has been featured in numerous media stories. Please see below for recent media stories or scroll down to see a list of all media coverage.

Science Media Center Germany: Große Korallenbleichen in vielen Regionen weltweit erwartet [Severe coral bleaching expected in many regions globally]

July 18, 2023

Rapid reaction: Das SMC hat Forschende aus der Meeresökologie befragt, wie sie die aktuelle Bedrohung der Korallen im Golf von Mexiko und in anderen Ozeanregionen einschätzen, wie sich Riffe vor Hitzestress schützen lassen und wie vielversprechend die Aufforstung von Riffen ist. [The SMC asked marine ecologists how they assess the current threat to corals in the Gulf of Mexico and other ocean regions, how reefs can be protected from heat stress and how promising restoration is.]


Inside Climate News: In the Pacific, Some Coral Survived the Last El Nino, Thanks to Ocean Currents

June 14, 2023

"A new study of three remote atolls should help reef managers and conservations better understand where to focus their restoration efforts."

Nautilus | Oceans: To Protect Coral Reefs, Protect Fishes and Birds

August 21, 2020

"Among the coral reefs of the Chagos Archipelago, schools of damselfish and wrasse dart between redlip parrotfish, angelfish, and blotched stingrays. The fishes’ bodies electrify the tropical waters with displays as colorful as the neon paint strewn across British and Australian tourists at their first full moon party in Bali, nearly 3,000 miles east as the manta swims."

Clownfish in Aquarium

Inside Climate News: Latest bleaching  of Great Barrier Reef underscores global coral crisis

April 13, 2020

"Coral reef bleaching has become more widespread, frequent and lethal in the last two decades, draining the color and life out of underwater coral gardens around the planet and leaving behind huge swaths of sea bottom spiked with ghostly reef skeletons."

Die Presse: Wo die Korallen aus dem Wasser schauen (in German)

November 8, 2019

"Die Tirolerin Verena Schöpf forschte in den USA und Australien. Sie zeigt, dass auch extremste Korallen im Klimawandel leiden."
The article discusses my research on stress-resistant corals as well as my experience studying and researching in the U.S. and Australia.


The Guardian: Saltwater Kimberley - is WA's marine wilderness safe?

July 3, 2019

"Formed millions of years ago, the waters off Western Australia’s rugged 12,000km northern-most coastline have remained a scientific mystery. But for the past five years, researchers guided by Indigenous Australians have tackled rutted dirt tracks to study an oceanic highway lying off the Kimberley’s shores."

The New York Times: Australia’s other great (and threatened) coral reefs

October 8, 2018

"The United Nations issued a dire alert on Monday, warning that many of the world’s coral reefs could die as soon as 2040 as a result of climate change. ... But the Great Barrier Reef, despite its status, is not the only unique or threatened marine ecosystem in Australia."

9News photo1_edited.jpg

9News TV: Australian scientists unlocking key to save world’s reefs

May 20, 2018

I was featured on 9News about my Kimberley coral research, where I am investigating whether heat-resistant "super-corals" from extreme reefs in Western Australia's Kimberley region can cope with future ocean warming. I also tested whether these corals loose their heat tolerance when grown under much cooler temperatures.

Co-authored 2018 Science paper featured on

IFL Science

January 5, 2018

"There’s no two ways about it: The world’s coral reefs are being annihilated by climate change. Adding insult to injury, a new study in Science has found that coral bleaching is happening way more often than it used to."

Kimberley bleached and dead coral - Chri

Researchers start moving into southern hemisphere’s largest marine research centre

August 18, 2017

I was featured in an article in The Stirling Times, showcasing my research at the seawater facility of the University of Western Australia's Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre at Watermans Bay

In the News: News & Resources

Selected media coverage of the 2019 Nature Communications paper

WAToday (28 Oct 2019) Reef economics: Why losing coral to climate change could cost WA millions

Cosmos (18 Sept 2019) Heat-resistant coral could help rescue threatened reefs

Xinhuanet News (18 Sept 2019) Aussie "super corals" could be relocated to help degraded reefs: study

Nature Asia (18 Sept 2019) Ecology: Stress-resistant corals maintain heat tolerance under cooler temperatures

In the News: About Me

Selected media coverage of the 2015 Scientific Reports paper

ABC News (3 Dec 2015) WA ‘super coral’ more resistant to bleaching, but still hit by rising sea temperatures

Nature World News (3 Dec 2015) Coral bleaching: reefs adapted to warmer waters are just as threatened by climate change

UnderTheCBlog (3 Dec 2015) Even in so-called “super corals”, temperature is still kryptonite

Verena with coral tripod - Claire Ross.j
In the News: About Me

Selected media coverage of the 2015 Proceedings B paper

ABC News (18 Nov 2015) Annual bleaching could threaten some species of coral

Science World Report (18 Nov 2015) Coral bleaching may be survived by fatter coral in the face of climate change

International Business Times (18 Nov 2015) Corals with high levels of fat can withstand bleaching events: study

Science Codex (18 Nov 2015) Fat makes coral fit to cope with climate change

In the News: About Me

Selected Radio Interviews


2SER Sydney Educational Radio

A Question of Balance (AQOB): Bleaching resistant Kimberley coral?, two-part interview about coral bleaching and my research on stress-resistant Kimberley coral

3 June 2016

3CR Community Radio

Women on the Line: Focus on Coral Bleaching, interview about bleaching in Western Australia and stress-resistant Kimberley corals

In the News: Publications
In the News: List

Portraits of my research and career path

in German

16 June 2016

Die Zeit

"Schnorcheln als taegliche Feldarbeit"(Snorkelling as daily fieldwork), interview about my career and work as a marine biologist, no 26, p10.

26 June 2016

Kronen Zeitung

"Dem Korallensterben im Meer auf der Spur" (Investigating mass coral death in the ocean), interview about coral bleaching and my career as a marine biologist, p21-22.

5 July 2016

Impuls Magazin

"Meeresbiologin mit Oetztaler Wurzeln" (Marine biologist of Austrian origin (Oetz Valley)), interview about my career and work as a marine biologist.

In the News: CV

Media coverage in German/Austrian/Swiss media

Die Presse

8 November 2019

"Wo die Korallen aus dem Wasser schauen" (Where the corals stick out of the water), interview about my work and experience of being a researcher abroad.

Bild der Frau

8 November 2019

"Am anderen Ende der Welt: Die Frau, die ein Paradies retten will" (At the other end of the world: the woman who wants to save a paradise"

Der Standard

"Selbst "Superkorallen" sind Grenzen gesetzt" (Even super corals have limits)

18 September 2019

Die Zeit

"Wie geht es dem Wasser? Was wir nicht wissen" (How is the water? What we don't know). pdf

23 January 2019

Der Standard

5 October 2017

"Superkorallen trotzen der Bleiche” (Super corals and bleaching), interview about my research on stress-resistant corals in Australia’s Kimberley region. pdf

GEOlino extra


"Das ist ein trauriger Anblick” (This is a sad view), interview about the global coral bleaching event, issue 61/2016, p56-59. pdf

Quart Heft fuer Kultur Tirol

“Satzspiegel” (column “print space”), essay about my work philosophy as a marine scientist, issue 28/16, p123.

December 2016

18 October 2016

"Korallenbleiche – Mehr als nur eine Pigmentstoerung" (Coral bleaching – more than a pigmentation issue), interview about coral bleaching and what divers can do to contribute

Zuerich Zoo Journal

12 Sept 2016

"Abtauchen im Riff" (Diving on the reef), interview about coral bleaching and my research on stress-resistant coral in Australia


September 2016

"Bleich wie der Tod" (Pale as death), article in German diver magazine about the global coral bleaching event in Australia, issue 9/16, p72-77. pdf

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

"Meeresbiologin: Stress unter Wasser" (Marine biologist: stress under water), interview about the global coral bleaching event and my research on stress-resistant coral

3 June 2016

Der Standard

22 Sept 2008

"Drupella cornus raspelt Riffe kurz und klein" (Drupella cornus destroys coral reefs), online article about my master thesis’ research after I won first prize in a national competition for young scientists to write media releases

In the News: List
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